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Billy & The Shoemen is a four piece acoustic based band, featuring Billy Foster (lead Vocals); Bill Geoghegan (guitar/lead vocals); Ray Simonelli (guitar lead vocals); and Jim Magrath (flute & percussion).  The band was formed in June 2015.  We currently cover songs from the classic rock and the early R&B/soul era.  Our specialty is that we like to include songs that you know, but may not have heard in quite a while, or songs that you would never expect to hear in an acoustic environment. And because it's an acoustic based act, music volume is much less of an issue as compared to the electric classic rock acts that are so common on the local live music scene.  Come and check us out when we play locally.  We are also available for private events.


Looking for a great catering service for your private events?  Please consider using my friend Jennifer Iannacone of SoNo Catering.& Hospitality.  They provide delicious food, tasty drinks, and exceptional service.  They have bartenders and servers on hand as well.  Give them a try.  You'll be glad that you did!  

Wendy and I have performed as an acoustic duo act at many venues since 2011.  We both play guitar and sing, but Wendy is the main vocalist in this act as she is a very experienced, professionally trained vocalist, and is one of the top performers in our area and beond.  We have an eclectic set list that covers many genres including classic rock/pop/ blues, and country.  Be sure to check us out when we play locally.  We are also available for private events.  Wendy plays with other very talented musicians in acoustic acts as well, and in her band - The Wendy May Band.  Be sure to check her out whenever she's performing in the area.  

Dale Allen & Ray Simonelli have performed extensively over the past several years.  Audiences really respond to Dale's engaging energy!  The music is inviting and fun.  We are available as a duo, or as a trio with percussionist Dave Rauh.  This core group is known as Communion.  That name is used because we will typically invite a variety of different musicians to join us on certain shows as special guests.   Dale was the lead singer of the local band Blue Steam.  She also has an impressive list of stage performance credits.  Always a welcoming and good vibe act!

Cooked Up Acoustic is a three-to-four pice act (depending on the venue/event) featuring Christine Cook, on lead vocals; Ray Simonelli on acoustic guitar and vocals; Dave Rauh on percussion (Cajon, or mini-drum kit) and vocals, and Todd Joyner on bass.  This act was "cooked up" by Christine, as are all of the set lists used in the band performances.  They are very unique in a special way in that she selects songs by her favorite artists (and its a very wide range) but she delves just a little deeper into their catalogs selecting songs that you'll know, but rarely hear performed by other bands.  This and her joyful energy sets her apart from other singers and acts that are out there on the local live music scene.  Come check us out as we play at your favorite restaurant/bars that offer live music entertainment.  We are available for private parties as well.  Keep in mind that we also have the capability to add additional band members if you prefer a full electric band experience.  We look forward to seeing you at our various shows. 


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Kurt & Helen Acoustic:

Kurt & Helen are singers that have a five piece Americana band; The Kurt & Helen Band.  They do, however, like to play out in a stripped down acoustic environment from time to time and they hire me to play with them as a trio.  At times, we'll add a percussionist on the cajon, just to kick things up a notch.  As with their full band, we do a wide variety of your Americana and rock/pop favorites. Come and check us out when we play locally.  We are also available for private events as well.

Triple Play Saturday:

This is not a band but, rather, it is an event that is put on from time to time at various venues.  The concept is that we feature three acoustic acts in one night to promote up and coming artists, as well as to showcase more seasoned performers to get them more exposure locally.   Hosting such events is shared by both me and fellow musician and singer Rio (Sam)Sorentino.  The poster that appears to the right is from a past event. Be sure to check back for more announcements about these events from time to time.

Ray Simonelli:

I am also available individually to do fill in gigs with established singers that need a back up guitarist for acoustic duo or trio acts, and for bands that needs a guitar player to sit in to cover a particular gig when their regular guitarists can't make it.

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