I’m a lifelong musician with a passion for live music.  In addition to performing with various music act as a musician, I teach guitar, and I also  mentor singers with little to no stage performance experience that are looking to get out and perform on the local live music scene and beyond.  I also facilitate drum circles through my business Rhythmic Wellness Solutions.  Our clientele includes adult care facilities (autistic adults and adults with disabilities), senior assisted living facilities, and pre-kindergarten schools and/or centers.  We also handle corporate events as well as private party events.  (See additional details below.)

Guitar Teacher: 

I am currently accepting requests for private lessons for individuals of all ages that have a strong desire to start learning how to play the guitar for the music genres classic rock, pop, blues, and country.  This is a beginners course so little to no prior experience is required.  Once a student develops, and reaches a certain comfort level, I'll place them in open mic environments if they wish to play in public, rather than just for family and friends at home.  I will play with students, if necessary, in those situations.  My main goal, and my joy in teaching beginners, is to get people started on their musical journeys.  Lessons can be in person, or online through Zoom based on your preference.  

NOTE::  The client service area for in person private guitar instruction is currently limited to Southern Fairfield County along the I-95 corridor from Greenwich to Fairfield, and also including the Black Rock section of Bridgeport.  The geographic service area will expand over time.  I am, however, also available to provide lessons on-line via the internet through Zoom, regardless of your physical location.

I also teach guitar lessons publicly in group settings as well.  I am currently a teacher for the Stamford Public School system in their Adult Enrichment Learning Program.  Three new courses have been scheduled for Adults for the Fall of 2021; a Beginner Guitar course starting on Tuesday, September 28th, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.   There are 8 session that take place at the Rippowam Middle School.  There is also a Level 2 Guitar Class scheduled to begin on Tuesday Nov. 23rd (four sessions every Tuesday), also at the Rippowan location.  For more details, or to register, you can go to their website at:; or by calling (203) 977-4209; or in person at Old Town Hall at 175 Street in Stamford, CT, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

I am also teaching Beginner Guitar and Level 2 guitar courses in Darien, CT; each Wednesday afternoon/evening.  There are eight sessions at one hour each and there are courses for kids, and for adults.  All classes take place in the Mather Center at the Darien Town Hall.  The start date for these new sessions is September 22nd.  Please check the town's webite for updates regarding the specific course offerings, and how to register.

And have also been teaching Beginner Guitar Classes for adults at The East Norwalk Library, in Norwalk,  That program just ended on Tuesday, September 21st.  There were 8 sessions in total, every Tuesday, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. These lessons were free of charge to the public!  You only needed to have your own guitar.  They indicated that they may hold more classes in the future.  Contact Sylvia Archibald at (203) 838-0408 for more details regarding possible future sessions, or you can chec back on this website for updates. 

Live Music Performance Coach For Singers:

It's best to start off by stating what I am not; and that is that I am not a vocal coach.  I have many friends that teach voice lessons that I can recommend to you if you're trying to learn how to sing.  I work with individuals that have either had some vocal training, or they already have a good level of natural ability, that have a strong desire to get out on the local live music scene as a performing artist.  My primary role is to select songs, and song keys, that are best suited for the singer's voice and to rehearse to give such individuals the confidence that they need to perform in public.  Individuals that I have worked with have gone on to form their own music acts that are currently out there on the local live music scene.  (Please refer to the "Testimonials" section of this site for comments by some of the people that I have worked with in the past.)  My main goal, and my joy in working with singers, is to see the progress in their performance abilities over time, and to see them ultimately perform out in public on their own, whether it be in an existing music act, or in a newly formed music act of their own. 

NOTE::  The client service area for Live Music Performance Coach is currently limited to Southern Fairfield County along the I-95 corridor from Greenwich to Fairfield, and also including the Black Rock section of Bridgeport.  The service area will expand over time.

Drum Circle Facilitator:

My business, called  Rhythmic Wellness Solutions, provides drum circle sessions to promote wellness.  Our clientele is primarily facilities that work with autistic adults, adults with disabilities, and assisted living senior centers, as well as local senior centers, and we also have a program for pre-kindergarten schools and centers as well.  We also offer our services for both corporate events and private events.  My main goal, and my joy in facilitating drum circles, is simply to bring joy into peoples lives.  Please enjoy the sample video that appears ahead of this section.